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The Middletown Fair, Inc. was organized as a company in 1871 with 170 stock holders.  It was the Henry, Madison and Delaware Countries’ Agricultural Society’ annual event held each August for 4 days on North 8th Street.  The fair ran for 60 years with some of the most contested horse races held in eastern Indiana.

The “Premium Books” were very much like the present day State Fair books:  9 categories for horses, 3 for sheep, swine & poultry, farm implements, carriages, furniture, machinery, castings, leather work, black smithing, fruits, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, dairy, culinary products, fancy work, art, domestic manufacturing and needle work.  Premiums were awarded for each category; ribbons and money.

In 1905 the Interurban rail line came to town from Anderson with a turn-around on East Locust St.  Horse and carriages were available to haul the big crowds to the fairground.

Several items have been donated from the actual fair days.  I’m in the process of getting it all together for an interesting display.

Martha Minnick, Historian



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