Middletown Civic Center

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Across our parking lot stands the beautifully re-stored Middletown Civic Center.  It was resurrected by the town in 1998 from sure ruin and became the finest Middletown example of 19th century architecture.  It is listed by the National Register of Historic Places.

The brick structure was erected in the 1890’s on the spot where a dreadful fire in a wooden frame building threatened to decimate much of downtown.

Today the Civic Center is utilized by the public for : parties, re-unions, weddings, senior activities, training seminars, craft shows, baby showers, club meetings anniversaries and office space.  For a number  of years the 2nd floor was home to church group each Sunday.

During the recent economic slump, when rentals dropped off somewhat, the question arose as to whether or not the town wanted to continue supporting the facility.  Now, even though people are making more use of it the town officials would like it to become more self supporting.

Because the Civic Center is historically important to the Society and to the town we would like to encourage our members to utilize it as a means to create your own memories.

Rental options include a large downstairs room with a piano and large, well equipped kitchen; an elevator accessible to the 2nd floor without   The building is handicap accessible and comes equipped with a large number of tables and chairs.

Those wishing to preview the building may do so by picking up a key at the utility office or by telephoning Martha Minnick at 354-4502 or Steve Holmes at 354-2946 for a guided walk through.


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